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Level 1: Basics for the Actor

6 weeks, 3 hours a week with additional times for scene rehearsal out of class - $250 per student.

Students will also be required to meet and rehearse with their scene partner outside of class time.

The goal of this course is to provide students with a fundamental knowledge of acting. Level 1 will utilize scene assignments consisting of 2-3 actors per scene, assigned by the instructor for the class. By the completion of this class, students will have a working knowledge of the language utilized in the acting profession, an introductory understanding of building a character through actions and the ability to read and analyze a script, as an actor. The components of Level 1 are: Acting Terminology, Understanding Actions for the Actor and Script Analysis for the Actor.

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  • Acting Terminology

    All professions have a terminology (a verbal and written shorthand, if you will) of terms and written symbols. Acting is no different. This class will include a visual and verbal roadmap of the words and symbols often utilized by actors and directors in a rehearsal process.

  • Understanding Actions for the Actor

    Acting is active! Part of creating purpose on stage is developing a strong vocabulary of action words to motivate the character (in acting, everything from baking a cake, to making a bed, has a purpose in telling the story). Building off the terminology section of the class, this component teaches students how to develop and utilize a strong vocabulary of action words.

  • Script Analysis for the Actor

    All theatre, artists utilize some aspect of script analysis in their creative process. However, developing this skillset differs depending on your area of specialization. Script Analysis for the Actor, instructs students how to read and study a play as an actor researches his or her character.

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