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Clairee - Patti Yasutake
M'Lynn - Inger Tudor
Truvy - Elisa Bocanegra
Ouiser - Shannon Holt
Annelle - Cerris Morgan
Shelby - Monica McSwain
Directed by Brian Kite

LA Theatre Works presents Steel Magnolias

October 22nd, 2018

Show Times: 7pm

Steel Magnolias remains one of the great stories of female empowerment and resilience. The L.A. Theatre Works national tour features a diverse cast of six extraordinary women.

In each of our lives, we encounter those with whom we share an indescribable bond. These special people could be siblings, childhood pals, a college roommate, a mentor-they are the ones we'd go to any lengths to support, with whom we can disagree strongly while loving deeply. They change our lives just by being in them. Our connections with them defy the limitations of distance and time.

Within the walls of Truvy's beauty shop, set in the deep Bayou of Louisiana, are six women whose lives increasingly hinge on the existence of one another. Together, they absorb the passing seasons, just like the weathered wooden structure of the salon "home" that they share. What if, like these six women, we didn't have to go it alone? What if the comfort we've been searching for has always been there, right in our own backyard?

At turns both laugh-out-loud funny and deeply touching, Steel Magnolias reveals the strength of the human condition and our shared need for companionship. Steel Magnolias was a popular film starring Sally Fields, Dolly Parton, and Julia Roberts. The play has had multiple New York City runs and performances staged around the globe. Steel Magnolias, a play full of memorable characters, is considered a tour de force for the all female cast.

Elisa Bocanegra (Truvy)

Shannon Holt (Ouiser)

Patti Yasutake (Clairee)

Monica McSwain (Shelby)

Cerris Morgan-Moyer (Annelle)

Inger Tudor (M'Lynn)

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