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Murphy's Celtic Legacy

April 1st, 2019

Show Time: 7pm

Don't blink, for this is no ordinary Irish Dance performance; it is a battle of styles, a clash of colors. The cast of Murphy's Celtic Legacy gives an invigorating performance of traditional Irish Dance.

Featuring dancers and musicians from Riverdance, Lord of the Dance and Celtic Woman, Murphy's Celtic Legacy is the next generation Irish dance spectacular.

Created by Chris Hannon, former principal dancer for Lord of the Dance, Murphy's Celtic Legacy features original choreography combining traditional Irish and Modern dance techniques presented with multimedia elements, song and live music.

The show's soundtrack is composed by acclaimed Irish musicians John Elliott and Gerry Conlon and is performed by a 7 piece band. The performance centers on an original tale developed by Hannon drawn from Irish folklore - a tale of Kings and Queens, rebels and magic; epic battles between good and evil. It tells the story of the Murphy clan, who flee the corrupt tyrants of their native Eire in search of a better future. They land on the island of Ishan where they encounter the Ishas, the indigenous community of the Murphy's new home. Pursued by the Dark Queen of Eire, the Murphy's and the Ishas unite in their shared quest for peace and overcoming evil. The name Murphy's Celtic Legacy is a tribute to Hannon's grandmother, who founded the Hannon Murphy School of Irish Dancing in the Northeast of England.

Eire, a land that was once gloriously peaceful and harmonious, has descended into a greed-ridden territory where no-one trusts their neighbours. Corrupt tyrants rely on fear and intimidation to beat others into submission. Disheartened and crushed the Murphy's flea in the hope of finding a better future that will nurture and cherish their descendants. Their voyage across the Atlantic is violently cut short by a fierce storm that washes them on to the calm, tranquil Island of Ishan where they celebrate their seemingly safe deliverance. Unknown to them however they are betrayed to the soulless King by the Dark Queen, Haidrass, who spies them from a distance. The Ishas, the indigenous community of the Murphy's new home, lives in fear of the cold and ghostly rulers.The hapless explorers have replaced one hell with another more terrifying and savage. The Murphys and Ishas unite in their shared quest for peace and overcoming evil. The Ishans' King succumbed to temptation and visited the forbidden volcano which left his and his beloved Queen's souls in tatters and ever since this tragic day they roam Ishan in search of the sha’s to take their souls. The two tribes have parallel memories of happier times destroyed by others and a shared optimism about how life could be. Who will come out victorious...

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