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Level 2: The Actor and the Body

6 weeks, 3 hours a week with additional times for scene rehearsal out of class - $250 per student.

Students will also be required to meet and rehearse with their scene partner outside of class time.

A musician must have a masterful knowledge of their instrument, so too should the actor. The instrument of the actor is the human body. Level 2 of our training focuses on the actor and the body. We teach safe and beneficial skills for body, breathing and vocal technique. A crucial aspect of any character is personalization. No two actors can, or should, approach a character in the same way. When the actor develops a strong awareness of physical and vocal technique, they create numerous resources for themselves in character development. This level will utilize scene assignments consisting of 2-3 actors per scene, assigned by the instructor for the class. After successful completion of level 1 in our curriculum, the components of level 2 are: Vocal and Body Warm-ups, Phonetics, Physicality and Personalization.

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  • Vocal and Body Warm-ups

    In order to achieve more flexibility, both physically and vocally, many actors prepare their voices and bodies with a series of warm-ups, prior to auditions or performances. This class begins with a study of techniques often utilized by performers to enhance their skills.

  • Phonetics (International Phonetic Alphabet)

    Have you ever looked up a word in the dictionary like “uncle” then beside it seen the symbols? “ʌŋkəl”? This is an example of phonetics. An alphabet created to establish written symbols for sound. It is also a key component in vocal training. A working knowledge of phonetics allows actors a better understanding of both their own speech, and the speech (or dialect) of a character they are performing.

  • Physicality and Personalization

    What are your physical habits? What do you do when you are angry, happy, or sad? We all have certain habits that are personal. However, these habits may not benefit the character we are portraying. The last component of level 2 examines the physical choices of the actor. Students will learn how to embody his or her character, and to separate their own traits, from the characters they portray on stage.

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