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    Sep 5, 2018

VooDoo Bluez
A spellbinding night of Music, Magic, and Mystery

October 27th, 2018

Show Time: 8:00pm

Join us of for a night of fun, magic and music! We will take you on a journey through classic old and new Blues and Rock hits as this talented cast takes you on a magical and mysterious trip through the bayou at night. With mind blowing magic and talented aerial antics this fun musical is a perfect event at Halloween and certainly will include a trick or two! With great characters like the Voodoo King, The Sorcerer, and Queen of the Night, this immersive show will certainly be both a trick and a treat for the audience and maybe you can help "Angele" find her way home!

The story of "Voodoo Bluez"

In the early 1800's Angele, a young girl earns her living by dancing on Bourbon Street where she is intrigued by the antics of the Voodoo practitioner "Marie Leveau" who she sees passing by each day. Following her one night, as Marie makes her way through the back streets of New Orleans, Angele temporarily avoids being swept up into Marie's mysterious and mystical world when she is distracted by the haunting voice of an alluring woman singing the blues. Captivated by her voice she peers into the bar, lulled by the music, however the magic of the bayou is afoot enticing her in.

That night Angele disappears from the streets only to return many years later, unchanged by time and still as youthful as the day she left accompanied by other familiar faces from that era. These are the "Night People," whose beauty and charm can transport themselves from the modern world back into the past via the eerie magnetism of the bayou. One night Angele finds a mirror and through it sees a glimpse of her younger self who is calling out to her to leave the bayou, rejoin the human race and live amongst them again.

But can she break free of the "Voodoo Queen" and her mysterious entourage who have held her captive for centuries, convincing her that she is one of them? Or will Paris, a young southern boy who was has just arrived in New Orleans to busk and share his music, convince her to stay in this century with him or will he to succumb to The Bayou and Marie Leveau's ghosts?

A modern day love story locked in the history of the past where the hands of time move quickly from the 1800s to the present day. "Voodoo Bluez" takes you on a musical journey from yesteryear to today's great classics through a clever playlist of familiar songs with a "feel good vibe". Dramatic staging, dynamic choreography and an enigmatic cast of characters take the audience on an adventure to celebrate all that is love, mystery, magic and a twist into the legends who have lived in New Orleans or passed through it. Add in the Voodoo dark humor, a few tricks and turns and you have an entertaining and immersive night out!

Kelley Connolly - "Angele"

From tapping alongside tap dancing legend Savion Glover, to being named the first- ever "All-Around Best Female Dancer" by Dance Track Magazine, Kelly Connolly is one of the most exquisite and eclectic multidisciplinary artists of today. She works across a variety of TV, film, musical theater, and commercial projects. Now focused on helping the Artist community while launching new technology to bring back humanity.

Kelly has consulted, choreographed and performed for national print, TV, film, and social media campaigns for brands including Degree Women, Nike, Nikon, Chrysler and T-Mobile, as well as served as an instructional fitness model for fitness brands such as Tapout, Hip-Hop Abs, Cybex and Orbital 360. Throughout her career, she has had the honor of choreographing and performing with numerous artists including Ariana Grande, Britney Spears, Chris Brown, Selena Gomez and One Republic. Choreographed "America Rocks" with KMCC for Playlist Productions. Also, an accomplished film/TV actress, stunt woman and fitness expert. Soon to be released as stunt actress in "The Rookie" and stunt double in "The First". Kelly is credited with a variety of recurring dance and acting roles on hit TV shows like AMC's, 'The Walking Dead', 'Banshee', 'Glee', 'How I Met Your Mother', 'Dancing With the Stars', Nickelodeon's, 'Fresh Beat Band', 'Cold Case', 'Malcolm In the Middle'; with recent roles in feature films 'Aztec Warrior', '68 Kill', 'Ride Along 2', 'Disney's Invisible Sister', 'Mind Puppets', 'Devil's Brake', 'Refugio' and 'Hot Tub Time Machine 2'. Numerous musical theater performances including 'A Chorus Line', 'The Sound of Music', 'Camelot', 'Beauty & the Beast', and 'The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat' at The Kodak Theater and Hollywood Bowl. Honored Choreographer of 'American Idiot', 'Rent', 'Sweeney Todd', and 'The Hunchback of Notre Dame', for the longest thriving arts non-profit organization in Silicon Valley, Children's Musical Theatre San Jose. Kelly developed "Core Aerial®," a combination of Cross-Fit and Aerial Silks, and is the founder of Fit2Go. She has studied and is trained in nearly every style of fitness and dance including 14 styles of yoga, aerial silks, martial arts, wushu, Capoeira, parkour, biking, hiking, rock climbing, rollerblading/skating, swimming, classical ballet, modern dance, jazz, partnering/lifts, ballroom, tango, swing and hip-hop, and skilled in high wire, rig, harness, R.A.D and stunt work.

Neil Crosswell - "The Sorcerer"

International Illusionist, Neil Croswell is a "Rising Star" in the world of magic today. His unique approach to magic has gathered several top industry awards and has taken him around the world, appearing on stage, cruise ships and television across 4 continents.

Neil took the magic world by storm when he became the youngest person in history to win gold at the "Canadian Championships of Magic". He was named the "King of Magic" by the Toronto Star and was invited to appear on "Canada's Got Talent" where he became a top 3% finalist in the country.

Over the next few years Neil would go on to complete tours of Asia, Africa, North America and Europe, and appear on such hit television shows as "La Grande Magia" filmed in Rome, Italy, as well as "Le Plus Grand Cabaret Du Monde", the largest variety television show in the world, filmed in Paris, France.

Recently, Neil returned from Shenzhen, China where he was awarded Gold at the invitation only "Magic of China-International Magic Championships" as well as a Headline performance at the "International Magic Extravaganza" held in Bangkok, Thailand. He is also fresh off appearances on both hit television shows, "Penn and Teller - Fool Us" and "Masters of Illusion" on the "CW" network.

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