Theatre History

Welcome to the Theatre: Courses in Theatre History and Theatre Appreciation

Along with our courses in acting and theatrical design, we also offer classes in the History of Theatre. We cover wide ranging topics from Greeks to Shakespeare, Neil Simon to Rodgers & Hammerstein and beyond.

  • Theatre Appreciation: Helpful Hints for attending Live Theatre- 60 minutes $25

    This one-time sixty-minute class provides guidelines we, at The Sharon believe helpful for attending live theatre. There are a number of small courtesies that many people are not aware of which can make going to theatre a much more positive experience for both you and your fellow audience member.
    Class schedule coming soon.

  • Theatre History I Greek-Shakespeare - 4 weeks, 90 minutes weekly, $150

    Theatre is among the oldest traditions in human history, dating back nearly 3,000 years. This once weekly class offers a fun and informative overview of Theatre History from its earliest roots beginning as a festival in Ancient Greece and concluding with an examination of Shakespeare.
    Class schedule coming soon.

  • Theatre History II: Spanish Golden Age-The Present - 4 weeks, 90 minutes weekly, $150

    After the blossoming of art that occurred in the European Renaissance, Theatre began to flourish in a number of exciting ways that has continued for the last 5 centuries. This once weekly class will examine many of the movements and trends that have occurred between the sixteenth century and the present.
    Class schedule coming soon.

  • History of Musical Theatre - 4 weeks, 90 minutes weekly, $150

    From The Black Crook (considered by many to be the first American Musical) to My Fair Lady, Sweeney Todd, The Phantom of the Opera and more, this once weekly class offers an overview of both Musical Theatre and the history of Broadway over the last 150 years.
    Class schedule coming soon.